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March 09 2018

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Creative Business Ideas in the Current Economy

Many new businesses fail within the first year of opening. New retail stores cannot compete with E commerce. Restaurants do not do well because people are saving money and eating in more. New hotels sit empty because most families cannot afford lights and expensive vacations.

Offer Something Different

Instead of taking vacations, people are staying home and taking day trips. It eliminates hotels and airfare. Provide a three or four hour dinner cruise, or a full day on the water. Costs are not exorbitant so pricing can remain reasonable. It is not something people do every day so it will be a new experience.

This is ideal in a place that does not have a party boat business, whale watches, or beautiful beaches. Check out Tankers for sale that can be renovated so trips can run rain or shine. A second-hand passenger ship will do as well. Offer a two-day, one-night getaway. That is perfect for couples, individuals, and small families.

Low Investment

The biggest investment for that type of business will be the purchase of the vessel. Once that is done, overhead will be low. Make an office in a corner somewhere on the ship, or build a small enclosure on the dock with a phone, a computer, and a ticket window. If necessary, add a personal apartment while doing renovations and live on the ship. There is real potential here.

Finding the Right Vessel

A ship broker is essential when finding a vessel, especially if it is a first-time purchase. The broker makes sure documentation is complete, helps buyers apply for financing, and negotiates the price. It may be possible to charter the vessel at first to see if the business will thrive before buying the vessel. The broker will also register the vessel and recommend an inspector. Visit http://www.nautisnp.com/ to view ships for sake and learn details of services.

Just Investing?

If the purchase is simply an investment, a ship management professional will be needed to take care of daily operations. An experienced broker will provide suggestions based on where in the world the ship will be located. You can sit back and enjoy the profits from the business and offset the cost of the purchase.

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